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I agree, ecspecially for a first snake, and two of them! MY burm is just 7 months old. When I got him he was about 2 1/2ft long and then he was 4 months, now at 7 months he is 4ft and a few inches. He is getting bigger everyday it seems. I use to be able to call my ballP my "big guy" but now i cant cause my burm passed him up and is getting close to his girth. Also if he wants to get rid of a snake cause it bites, he shouldnt own one. IF everyone got rid of a snake for that reason, there would be a TON of snakes w/o homes. I just got bit my boa two nites ago and I would NEVER EVER get rid of her, ecspecially for that reason! I love her and I KNOW FOR A FACT that it was NOT her fault.
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