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My name is Ashley, also known as GekkoGeck0 all around the herp communities on the 'net. I'm 20 years old, female and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've loved reptiles all my life, but I never got a chance to own them until I moved out on my own.

Since everyone seems to be mentioning their bodyart, I guess I'll mention mine as well. I have 13 piercings and one tattoo. I'm going to remove one or two piercings and get them redone because they're migrating. My tattoo unfortunately was screwed up by the artist and didn't turn out a thing like the picture I gave him (it's a small black lizard). I'm planning on having it covered up later and getting a few more different tattoos. The next one will probably be my little webfooted gecko.

I currently own:

0.1.0 Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko)
1.2.0 Dwarf aquatic frogs (Hymenochirus boettgeri)
1.1.0 Firebellied toads (Bombina orientalis)
0.0.1 Webfooted gecko (Palmatogecko rangei)

I had a normal phase leopard gecko that I sold to a new home to make room in my tiny apartment for my webfooted gecko.

Geckos are definitely my favorite reptile. I appreciate and love all other herps, too, but geckos are top on my list. All except the eublepharids. There's something about the Gekkoninae that are just so much more appealing to me.

I like colubrids and venomous snakes as well. I plan to get a cornsnake, or perhaps a rough/smooth green snake (I can't decide) in the future. Unfortunately, considering my inexperience with snakes and the fact that I have a cat I love very dearly in the house (I'd kick myself for the rest of my life if a venomous snake got out and bit him), I won't be able to keep venomous reptiles at any point in the near future.

Well, there's probably a lot more to say about me, but I prefer not to ramble. If you'd like to see pictures of my pets, I have a webpage dedicated to them:
0.0.2 Lamprophis maculatus
0.1.0 Palmatogecko rangei
0.1.0 Gekko gecko
0.0.3 Carinotetraodon travancoricus
0.0.2 Otocinclus sp.
2.1.0 Caridina japonica
0.3.0 Caridina sp.
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