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I'm with fred, linds, and corey......i find it absolutely wrong and quite pathetic....especially for the first time snake keepers who after having there first two snakes (of different species) they come on the forums asking whether they can breed them.......

Quite upsetting IMO.....

Me personally, I would love to breed for the pureness of the species, rather then against it....

I've been on the hybrids forum before, and each and every post is quite discusting to read.....

Those ppl respect snakes as a commodity and not as a animal of nature....IMO

Theres a reason why snakes arn't large like a blood and tame like a ball....its called EVOLUTION>.......and within a matter of a couple decades, everything that has evolved in nature will be diminished in captivity.....and i thought thats exactly what we arn't trying to do....

A big Hip Hip Hooray! goes out to all the purebred breeders out there!
Grant van Gameren
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