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I know it was a smoker that brought it up. I just think this whole debate is ridiculous. I understand that people don't like that I smoke. That's fine. No problem. I'm sorry, I have an addictive personality. Smoking wasn't my only addiction. I am a recovered anorexic. I couldn't give up everything (I need my sanity, ty). So I chose to give up the eating disorder. Trust me, it was killing me faster than the smoking was. And then I wouldn't be here for my animals or my kids! Although physically recovered, I still deal w/the anorexia in my head every day of my life. I do the best I can. And if smoking helps me deal w/it, so be it. Judge me for it if u must, but I know no one else here is perfect either. I try to be the best person I can be, and the best mother I can be. But I'm only human. And I'm proud of the recovery that I have managed.
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