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Pet Store[good<>bad]

I was at my local pet store the other day and this frantic lady come in with a BP it was under 3ft but not sure of the age. the lady sais" I have this snake that hast eaten in over a year and I dont want it anymore so yall can have it." So she leaves it there we all gather around to examine it. Finally we decide to try and feed it. This is where it gets iffy the store feeds live, but they hold the tails of the mice/rats with thongs and dangle it in front of the snake until they stryke. Well we did this and the snake ate abotu six of them with no problems. So my question is, is the pet shop wrong in the way they feed? I know its not right to fee dlive but the way they do it seems to be kinda safe. I've also tried feeding liek this once or twice works well. But I just wanted everyones opnion on the subject. I dont think I will feed like that anymore i do not want to take the chance of the animal falling and hurting my snakes. I have seen the pix and that is just horrible.
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