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"When you do bring this up to supervisors and upper management there is also a problem. First Usually the upper management are the ones doing it too. Secondly I'm not sure how it is in Canada, but in the US everyone is so lawsuit crazy ,if you mention anything about the smoke breaks it is considered discrimination against them because they have an addictive habbit! Lets see does that mean if I have a coke habbit I can be excused to go do lines all day? "

Nope, because cocaine is illegal. And if upper managment smokes as well, then there is nothing you can do about it. I just don't understand why people blame the smoker for using the rights they are GIVEN. You have a right to HATE smoke, smokers and smoke breaks. But if the smoker is given the right to a smoke, a smoke break and the right to smoke by the government then how is it a smokers fault?

hahaha I like the saying "hate the game not the player" and I feel it certainly applies to smokers. They are given the option to smoke break, so they do. Duh. As for lawsuits, and the boss taking smoke breaks...that is more a personal issue for you. You can't force managment to change something that is totally in their right to do. And while I can see why it would piss you off, there is nothing you can do about it but change jobs. Unless they make cigarettes illegal or you can somehow prove to someone higher up that they need to be fired because of low production.

My whole point is that everyone has the freedom to hate smoke, but please don't blame smokers for accepting and using the freedoms their boss and government gives them. If it was illegal then blaming those who CHOOSE to break the law would be totally acceptable, but blaming the respectful smokers out there for doing something that they are allowed to do won't really serve any purpose, and the ones to blame are the people who allow smokes to be sold legally still.

I get all your points though, and I understand the way you non-smokers feel. all the above is IMHO and not meant to offend anyone.

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