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I have never smoked cigarettes but I will smoke a cigar occasionally about every four to six months for my own enjoyment. I don't mind if people smoke as long as it is not arround me, or at least down wind. Most people are very respectful and some aren't but that has nothing to do with smokers. Some people are like that whether they smoke or not. Nothing is worse then being stuck in a car with a smoker. Yuck! It is their vechical though but please be considerate. But the worst, absolute worst is when someone tries to light up in my car. I hit the brakes so hard he dam near swallowed it. He says," I will just blow it out the window." I said, "I said if you don't put that out your going through the window." I just had a full detail done too. That is inconsiderate. But most smokers I know are not like that so it is not the norm. It all depends on the person. I only complain when it is directly effecting me. Other then that I keep my comments to myself. When I was a manager I didn't care if people took smoke breaks as long as they got their fare share of the work done and done on time. Then it is not an issue. Tim.
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