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actually pick on my bosses about that, I tell them I will slow down to the acceptable average, but I have no idea what I would do with the extra 1/2 hour every hour.
I respect that totally!!!

My example comes from an office standpoint where calls come in and get fielded by whomever is there. Obviously when someone is out on an extra smoke break, the rest are left to pick up their slack. At the same time if I were to be 5 minutes late from lunch I would get repromanded. Even when someone is not on a smoke break I cover my load and most others too.

Yes it is chosen laziness. When people choose not to deal with it , they disappear for a while, and leave the rest behind.

Extra is the key word here. If you get 15 minutes twice a day and an hour for lunch, thats what you get. Mind you this has been at a few places that I have worked at not saying its the norm, or maybe it is.
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