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More people smoke cigarettes than those who smoke cigars or chew.

I'm sorry scorpman, but try being in my shoes. My friends want to go out? Chances are that I cannot since there will be smoking. I would be feeling ill for days.

I personally don't care if the market suffers, or famers suffer at a smoking ban. If you want to do it or not, it is still unhealthy.
What you're seeing going in some cities now is a backlash. There are far more non-smokers than smokers. Some of us non smokers want to eat out, go out with friends, and have fun without stinking like smoke or getting sick.

Keep in mind that your smoking, especially if you smoke in public places, may be bothering other people. And THAT is why people will whine and b*tch.

You can defend your right to do what you want for as long as you want - until you are blue in the face. And you know what? Do it. But don't do it around me. Because it physically hurts me. It's my right to not have to worry about that.
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