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I totally appreciate respectful smokers, I personally could care less what you do with your body but i don't want it around mine. I'm allergic and I really have to limit which restaurants/bars I attend because of smoking. I hate it when people smoke right next to a doorway when they could easily stand 5 feet away from it so the smoke doesn't bother people. I don't badger or harass people about it either but i really appreciate the law. Smokers that complain about it would be better off spending their energies on quitting since it's better for everyone.

I wouldn't worry about what other people were doing if it didn't affect my OWN health. i have a right to breathe fresh air.

About how it will affect the economy, economies evolve. When we stopped using coal for heat people got jobs in the oil industry. As cigarettes become less popular, other industries will come along to takes it's place. It's all part of a natural business cycle. there will always be trends, it's up to companies to stay on top of them. And to find away to do that without capitalizing on addiction, the world will be a much better place.

About the freedoms thing, nobody's banning cigarettes from sale or use. Just limiting where they can be used for the good of public health.

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