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I could care less if someone wants to burn their lungs out with toxins. That is their choice.
It is also my choice and right to not be exposed to that crap.
I'm very allergic to the smoke from those damn things. Yes - I'm bitter. There's nothing like walking around outside, in the FRESH air, and having to walk near or by someone who's smoking. I get a horrible sore throat and sore eyes in an instant. I can get a sore throat that lasts a good portion of the day just because I decided to breathe while walking by someone who was smoking.
Right outside buildings, around the University EVERYWHERE, at the bus stops, etc etc.
I won't badger and harrass someone who tells me they're going to go have a smoke. That is their choice.
But I have every right in the world to get mad when I'm caused great discomfort because someone thinks it's their right to light up.
I am highly prized for my meat. :eb:

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