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I agree with most everything everyone said.

I am a smoker. I am also a poliet smoker. I will not smoke indoors, nor near doorways. But I am also sick of non-smokers getting huffy about it to those who ARE respectful smokers. It is annoying.

I personally feel that non-smokers energies would be better spent trying to get cigarettes outlawed. If they hate smoking so much, why do they attack the people who are just using the freedom our governments give us? If you hate it so much, deal with them not with the people who are using a substance legally.

That's my view.

P.S. Also its not a smokers fault for taking smoke breaks. If you are mad at them being allowed to do so, I feel your energies would be better spent talking to their superior who allows them extra breaks. Plently of places of employment refuse to allow extra smoke breaks. It's not a smokers fault yours does allow them.

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