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sure comments about smoking tobacco is one thing i cant wait to hear all the comments about smoking weed. you cant smoke a cig in a resturant but you can puff a fatty walking down a crowded street. tell me this new regulation is not going to increase the amount of tokers in this province. and as far as getting black lungs yellow teeth and so on from smoking what about just walking outside your door. you have global warming so wear your sunscreen, you have west nile so wear your mesh suit, you have terroist bombings so you better have your chemical suit in your back pocket, lets not forget the smog, oh wait there is now monkey poxs for all us exotic pet owners, and how can you forget about the constant outbreaks of sars so lets not forget to where are masks, gowns, gloves and face shields. good god i am so optimistic first thing in the morning. oh and have yourself a good day.
the one eyed man is king in the land of the blind.
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