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Poll:How do you feel about HYBRID snakes?

Poll: How do you folks here feel about the crossing or hybridization of diffrent types of snakes? Either locality or family.
Examples of some crosses that are being worked on, the majority in the United States:

Burmese PythonXreticulated Python
Anaconda X Argentine Boa constrictor
Anaconda X Brazilian Rainbow boa
Nicaraguan boa XColombian boa(Salmon hypos)
Ball Python X angolan Python
Ball Python x BloodPython
Salmon Hypo Boa X Argentine Boa
Cornsnake X Kingsnake
Gophersnake X Cal. Kingsnake
Sinaloan Milksnake X Cal. Kingsnake
Jungle Carpet PythonXDiamond Python
Bredls Python X jungle Carpet Python
Green tree pythons XCarpet python

These are just a few. Personally I think they truly suck, but that just my opinion. More importantly than what I think..what do YOU think? Please respond.


Fred Albury
(Aztec Reptiles U.S.A.)
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