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This thread could become a source of amusement for some. While I was driving semis across the country delivering everything from frozen chicken to bedding plants, a group of drivers had this conversation...
What if we (the drivers) decided we were not going anywhere? Fuel, tires, taxes, food, all cost too much, so screw it we are staying here until things get better. Lock up the compound, and sit it out. Between us, we had loads of fuel, bread, milk products, meat, friut and veggies fresh and frozen, beer, soft drinks, dry goods like toilet paper and paper towel and paper cups, coffee and cigarettes. We were set for at least a couple weeks.
It was fun speculating what would happen to this country if the drivers did not deliver goods for a month. Stores would be out of milk, bread, coffee, fresh produce not to mention coffee and cigarettes. To top it all off, they are also out of toilet paper, diapers and beer. No meat to be found, and the gas pumps are empty, you cant even go anywhere to buy anything you want, and they are probably out of stock there as well.
When you look at it this way...let them smoke, drink and eat red meat...things could get ugly if they dont.
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