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Intergrades are naturally occurring, and between subspecies. Subspecific interbreedings, i.e. black and yellow ratsnakes to create 'greenish' rats, do not produce hybrids.

Hybrids are between species. Generally not naturally occurring, though there are certainly exceptions.

Although morph generally refers to colour/ pattern variation in the pet trade, it could refer to any significant variation within the species. For example, a size variation- the dwarf morph, or a giant morph, found in a restricted locality like an island.

Morphs are not 'made' in the strictest sense. A naturally (though perhaps within the context of captivity) occurring mutation creates a variation that is different but still functional (you don't see any 'spineless' morphs of vertebrates). Selective breeding is done to produce more of these mutations, and combine them with other mutations within the same specimens to create new combinations (i.e. amelanistic striped corns).

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