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I do not condone the rodent dental work either, but I am obviously more concerned about the health of the snake than that of a prey animal. Sad but true, but some people do the "denistry" as I stated because they were stuck with someone elses animal (big boids etc.) that was raised on live & would not switch back. I wouldn't go there myself, but I don't feel bad for the thousands of feeders I go through either, or the Pigs, Cows or Chickens I eat. Its a fact of life that I accept, be as hypocritical as you want, but with life always comes death, such is Life. Another big part of my reasons not to feed live is too prevent the suffering of prey animals. Life sucks for them enough already there is no reason to feed live. You can prevent suffering of the prey & most importantly your snake, NUFF said. Mark I.
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