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just some tips

i thought i would post some of my new findings.
1) if your snake has not crapped in awhile and you are concerned just simply remove the snake and clean its cage for half an hour making sure to disinfect every inch. TRUST ME THIS WORKS!
2) home hardware has these dimmers that you can screw directly into the light socket and then you screw the light into the dimmer this was a very cheap and effective way for myself ( i am unsure if this product is an inline dimmer or what, however it works great for 7.99
3) i also picked up an outdoor timer for 24.00 it has three prongs (ground) so this means i can run an extension cord off of this and have everything on the same one timer.
i ended up spending 100.00 just on hardware today for my enclosures i just hope they turn out how i planned. i hope this thread is ok in this board. and sorry if its not but the whole crap thing just didn't fit anywhere else.
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