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I haven't really introduced myself on these boards time like the present.
My name is Len, and I'm 28 years old going on something a lot younger. I moved out to Montreal from Vancouver about a year ago to take up duties for the Montreal Branch of the company I work for. We import specialty Japanese items for the restaurant trade so if sushi's your thing then I am your man (spent a year in Japan studying the shiz).
I've been herpin' and catching bugs ever since could remember. Not the easiest thing to do coming up in the inner city of Vancouver (chinatown to be exact). Not much in the way of nature if you know what I mean. But there are pockets of nice herpin' area if you know where to look.
Religion is something that I take for granted. Unenlightened as we all are there's no sense in pushing one god or another. But if there is a truth, and we can all find a path to enlightentment I'm all for it. Unfortunately, I think I've sold my soul a long time ago.
Music-wise I used to be into hip hop, punk, tech, pop, turbo's windin', women-a-wailing, just about anything and everything at one time or another. I'm married now. I just like peace and ears hurt.
Two red foots and a boxie. Had more but couldn't bring them with me. Them's the breaks!
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