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Yes some people are stuck in their ways, but it is just a matter of trying in most cases. People don't realize that just because a snake hasn't eaten in a few weeks it is not a big deal. Most people I've talked to about going from live to dead try for a few weeks & than give up & throw in live. Starve the sucker for a few months if required & don't be afraid to warm up the prey properly & spend some time tease feeding etc. I've had snakes that I've broken down & given say a live fuzzy to, to get the snake in food mode & fed them dead adults right after they took the live fuzzy. Sometimes using a small live prey item to trigger a response then tease feeding dead/thawed right after is all it takes. Most people that feel they have to feed live still just haven't bothered trying & go with what is easiest for them, but not nessicarily what is best for their snakes. Mark I.
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