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Hey Dan, Belvedere aren't really getting that big at all... I've liked them for a long time now, since I saw them opening for another little band. No need to worry.

No, I didn't see the interview with Nicotine, I can't stand that "punk show," the first time I saw it, two blink 182 songs were played, and that did it for me. Too bad, I guess... Nicotine are the happiest guys on Earth, seeing as they're stuck in Canada... (sounds guy needed surgery so now they have no money to return to Japan) .. haha yea "My name is Howie and when I grow up I want to be a mother$*&%ing punk rock so I can get the liberty." Oh man... "Killer Shark Attack" is by far the best song on the planet... 'i saw the triangle!'

Satanic Surfers were cool, before Hero of Our Time... every song on that sounds the same, although I still listen to Ketty every once in a while.

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