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Hello! My name is Alan (pretty obvious, isn't it?) and I am 25 yrs old living in Toronto (Richmond Hill to be exact). I started this hobby last dec and got addicted ever since . I currently have 5 reptiles (as seen in my signature) and are trying to get more by breeding the pair of day geckos. I am Chinese, which is rare since there're not much chinese herpers out there. However, I think the population is growing, which is nice. I always wondered if there are any other asian herpers on this site, give me a shout if you are.

I like to hang around in Chinese places (resturants, malls, karaoke, bar etc), and I work in a Chinese karaoke as a bartender. My gf is Chinese too and similar to Tim and Julie B, she lives right across from my house (i met her from univ though) and we've been going out for 3.5 yrs already. She's not much of a reptile person (more like a dog person) but luckily she don't mind me having them at all
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