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Well, I am Daniel Charles Conner. I have my own screwy little religion that combines Buddhism, Wiccan, and many other pagan beliefs. Somehow, it makes sense .
I am 14, and 6', 200 LBS, play guitar/vocals for YellowFlipFolder (worlds crappiest band), and I am hoping to get a stand-up bass soon to start a punkabilly band. I am into many different styles of music, and music is pretty much my life. I like the neo/pop-punk to oldschool punk, the 1950's rockabilly to Psychobilly/gothabilly/surf, ska, reggae, dub, hardcore, nu-metal, almost all 80's stuff (ESPECIALLY the Buggles and the Vapors...), lots of old rock n' roll (again, leaning more towards rockabilly), alternative, japa-punk, "death meatal disco"... Ramones, Sex Pistols, Stray Cats, Ska-tallites, Moneyshot, Vandals, Godhead, and the Vendors all deserve to be thrown in here.
Anything, as long as its not mainstream, you could say
I play lots of football (Right Offensive Guard), and proudly classify myself as a neo-punkabilly. As you might be able to guess, I like genre labels. I am very smart, but, unfortunately, do not care, so I get bad marks in school (if only I tried )
I am getting out of the hobby, but will still stick around the boards.
I live in Victoria, BC, and hope to become rich and famous in a rockabilly revival/ pop-punk band. Gonna be a rock star, danny boy!
Dan Conner
Check out my friends band... The vendors! Alternative/pop-punk.
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