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IMO, nothing is better than papertowels for leos. Cypress mulch would be a good substrate for the snake. I don't see the point in switching the substrate for the leos unless you are doing that to make the enclosure more appealing to the eye. In that case, you can use calci-sand, coloured felt, or even bark-bits(which may not be 100% but I don't know anyone who has had problems with it before.) However, calci-sand is very expensive and I have heard stories of the colours from the sand leaking onto the leo's skin. Coloured felt is a good substrate although the leo's toenails can get stuck in it. Bark bits are digestible but are breeding grounds for parasites if you don't bring your leo to the vet at least twice a year. Newspapers have also been used although the ink can be toxic and will often leak onto the leopard gecko's skin as well. So as you can see, every substrate has a down-side except for papertowels so unless you are putting your animals on display in a zoo, I honestly don't see the point in switching substrates
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