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First off, the layout is great! Like you said the header and the eye could use some tweaking, but overall very nicely put together.

Now for the criticism......

You cannot reprint someone elses webpage on your site without acknowledging them as the author of said material. Also, you need their permission. Having a link at the top that just says "Origianl URL" isn't cutting it, I'm sorry to say. Also, who wants to read 7 different care sheets that basically say the same thing. And if they are different, who is to say which one is correct?

The way I put my sheets together is to gather a bunch of different care sheets on a species or a species ssp to get a feel for the general layout (in which order the headings should go in, etc.) I get together with several friends, either online or in person, and go over what should be put into each care sheet and what should be left out. I have generalized caresheets pertaining to substrate, furnishings, etc. This way you don't have to keep typing in these items. I have links from each care sheet to these generalized sheets.
I browse through a lot of herp forums to see what are the most asked questions about husbandry and this is the info that gets put into each sheet. It is not an easy project. I have only put together several sheets out of the several hundred I have proposed. The biggest caresheet I have put together is for North American box turtles. Due to the similarities of all species, it was easier to group them together then to do one sheet for each species. The same can be said for most kinsnakes and milksnakes as well as corn snakes and rat snakes. All from North America of course

You can see how I worked out the layout of each sheet and other stuff to at:

Just click through to the caresheet section.

Right now I have been working on the site and haven't been putting in as much time to the care sheet section. I have several dozen sheets put together on paper, just haven't gotten aroud to creating the pages for them yet.

Good Luck.

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