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the three i have that i like most are as follows...

"The reproductive husbandry of pythons and boas" by Richard A. Ross
Published by The institute for Herpetological Research.
very detailed and will run you about 100cdn.

"Reptile Medicine and Surgery" by Mader which will run you 200cdn or so.
Great book when it comes to sick reptiles of all sorts, although it is very intense reading which has a LOT of big words only a biology major would understand. Its also a great book to consult b4 entering a vets office.

and one that i always enjoyed was "SNAKES ; The evolution of mystery in nature" by Harry W. Greene. This book has to have THE BEST pictures of all reptile books out there! Huge colour photos of some of the most amazing snakes caught on camera in the most foreign places on the earth.
It touches on everything!!!

I spent good money on all 3 of these books. and frankly, i dont really need any other books then these 3 as i can re-read them over and over and still enjoy them and learn something new that i missed on the last reading.

Check with Scotty, he has a link in the "other classifieds" with a link to his selection. if he doesn't have it, he may be able to get a hold of a copy for you. I know i bought my SNAKES book off of him.

Goodluck with your search!

Grant vg
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