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Hi Ryan from Craven, nice seeing another Saskatchewanonian on the forums.

Sarge is bigger than Tiberius, Henry and Terri came out in the Fall of 2001 and got to meet Sarge while here. The dog even looked big next to Henry.

Sarge has a long tail that he wags with great force when he is happy. He was so happy to see Henry, that his tail wagged extra hard - met it's mark (near the centre of Henry's body, you figure it out), and nearly dropped Henry to the floor.

We attempted have Sarge breed a compatable female, unfortunately no puppies were had. But Terri was getting the pick of the litter of that attempted breeding, and if he does ever produce puppies, they are the first people getting one (to breed to Tiberius some day hopefully). I expect their dog may some day out weigh Sarge - and it has a really big head also.
(I've only seen pictures of it). Tiberius and Sarge's biggest pup could produce the ulitmate junk yard dogs.

Nice Bandogge Ryan, is it from Beth?

I also like the cat pictures. We used to have a picture of our siamese cat's yawning - they looked truly evil - on either side of sarge - at the start of our web page.

Ryan and Sheila
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