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I think it depends on where you are located. I know in my town, which has over a million people, there are only 2 or 3 specialty vets, and only one that everyone reccomends. With the ammount of "specialty" pets here, it seems like that vet would mainly do "specialty" work. I say the best idea is to look at all the possibilities and aim fior all of them. For example: I am a special education major, but I recently heard about a job at the zoo for anyone with an education degree to plan curriculum for zoo field trips, etc. So I'm trying to get some zoo volunteer hours in to up my chances of getting that job in a couple of years if that's what I choose to do. Look into the jobs you want and email people to find out what some of the requirements are. Just leave your options open and don't limit yourself. Who knows...maybe you could end up with both jobs at some point in you life!
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