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No, I want her to come back but I dont think she should lie about the reason she acted a certain way and I do know shes lying. I'm not madd her for what she said hir I'm madd her because she actually wanted to open a pet store with out obviosly knowing anything about reptiles. WHat if she wouldt have come to this site think of all the herps that would have been dameged!!! Then when we tried to help them& her she refused us and insinuated that we were all the wrong one. I personaly care mor efor animals then I do for anyone on this site or in the world. It angers me very much just to think of the pain that those herps would have endured and I realize that message probly didt belong here. My anger got the best of me. So I am sorry for that, btu not sorry for what it said. So in all I support the fact she wants to open a pet store but if she is she needs to do it right for the herps not herself. I'm sorry for my rude post but what I said is true I have no problem with her at all as long as she from now on keeps the best intrest of herps in mind before herself!!!
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