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Post Saving the Rainforests

I have been spending a very long time thinking about ways to help the wildlife in the rainforest and have decided that the only way to help the rainforest is to donate money. Unfortunately, I am broke and so after lots and lots of phonecalls, I am going to be holding fundraisers. All the profit made will then be donated to several wildlife groups who are trying to save the rainforest. Here are my ideas to raise money:

1. Several times during the summer, I will be holding a carwash at the gas station near my house. I phoned the gas station and they said that they would be happy to lend me part of their parking lot, free of charge, for me to wash cars. (Yay! One scored!)
2. Chocolate! Who doesn't like chocolate? Thanks to Hershey and Cadbury, during the fall, I will be recieving large orders of chocolate bars which I will sell, door to door. A 50% proffit will be made just from selling chocolate bars!
3. Donations. I will be ordering many of those little clear plastic boxes and using photoshop, I will make a label explaining what they are for. One box will be placed inside every store on Westminister Street (which is near my house) and all of the donations will then be sent to help the rainforest too. I may also get my school involved to help out with the donations.

I have several more ideas but you get the picture My parents think that this is way too much work for an 11 year old but don't really seem to have a problem with it From the sounds of this, I think that it is going to be a big success tell me what you guys think of my idea!
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