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BP13-what a day! Sorry that we weren't more supportive of you yesturday, had I been here I would have helped you out.

Regardless of any creature you may want you always have to keep THEIR best interest at heart. Remember, these are living beings, not something to 'produce'. Leave the breeding to people who know what they're doing JUST until you can keep your new pets alive first!

You may not want to hear this, but Chameleons are very difficult to keep in captivity. We all know how inexpensive they've become, and how accessible they are but that does not make them good beginners. If you really want something that's tough, tolerates handling, eats live foods, etc. then go with Leopard Geckos. I know, that at your age, it seems like everyone and their grandma owns one, but there is a reason for their popularity! They are cute, relatively intelligent (in reptile-terms), easy to care for, personable, etc.! I'm sure most people here would agree that LG's are a great beginner lizard.

I want to write so much more here, because I wasn't online yesturday to respond to some of the questions you had, but if you ever need a question answered, and don't want to put it on the site, (which is understandable), just e-mail me (SambasReptileRescue@Hotmail.Com). I do my best to help you out, and since I care about reptiles and their owners there will not be any mockery. I must say, some of the things I've read really dissappointed me.

Good Luck, BP and please, update us and let us know how things are progressing!
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