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Ya i was just gonna say that. Well my names Don Meyer, I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm 15 I'll be 16 Dec. 7(cant wait to drive!). I got to PRHS. I own 1.0 Ball Python, 0.1 Colombian Boa, 1.0 Burmese Python, 1.0 Grass Lizard, 0.1 Spiny Ig, 1.0 Tokay Gecko, 1.1 Sav Monitors, 0.0.1 Tiger Oscar...did i forget anything? We are hopefully moving to Pheonix in the summer. I want to go to ASU and study to become a Veterinarian and on the side breed reptiles. I like to hang out wit my friends. I rollerblade alot, I like to do street BMX if theres such a thing( i basically do stupid stuff on my bike like ride down huge steps off walls and stuff, hence oweing my sister a new bike since i broke my bike.) I listen to all types of music mainly rap and punk rock. I will be playin guitar I'm gettin a Fender Strat. I work at Wildwood Highlands, I wrestle for school, I play roller hockey, I eat non-stop.....anything I remember to add I'll just edit this
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