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Whatever shes not sorry she she figured out that we would all be biased twords her for what shes said so she made up so kind of stupid excuse. Personal reasons come on people get real I dont care what they are how would that cause you to open up a horrible pet store. Now I'm glad that you have finally got enough sense to understand you cannot possibly open a pet store at 13. But I'm not buying your excuse. Tell the truth its not that badd your young your immature you got a wild idea that sounded relly kool and you wanted to follow up on it so not realizes all the things against you, you asked us for help[which we gave and thank god you listened]. I'm not blaming you for being young and thats all you did be young in a few mor eyears you'll be maturer. I'm only 15 and I acyed like you until just ealier this year and still do sometimes but when I get wild ideas now I try to work them out and get the goods and badds like me aquatic turtle rescue idea. So I'm happy that you finally realized what you can and cannout do an dyou may be going through stressful times[at 13 how could you not be] but dont blame your brash ideas on that. Tell the truth it shall set you free!!!
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