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I agree with Rebecca, leopards are excellent beginers, as they are very tough if you make a few mistakes here and there. For one leopard gecko (which can run anywhere from $20USD to $300USD and up) you will need these minimal requirements:
One ten gallon tank or larger.
Paper towels are recommended as substrate (for the bottom of the cage).
One food dish. (should be coated with something to prevent mealworms, waxworms and even crickets from escaping). Should have a calcium suppliment such as 'Rep-Cal' mixed in with the insects, or can be left by itself.
One water dish (depending on the age of your beginner reptile, it should be large enough to soak in, yet shallow enough to allow easy entry and exits).
One hide per gecko. This can be a 'regular' hide, or a 'moist' hide, I provide both to each of my geckos.
At least one heat source. Can be an UTH (Under Tank Heater), or a heat lamp. As far as it's known, Leos don't need UV rays, but that's always up in the air!

If you have any more questions, or need explainations, please feel free to respond! Good luck!
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