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Venomoids are reptiles that have had their venom glands surgically removed so they can be safe for everyone.

These are a few pros and cons
Yeah i can own a viper now and not be scared
If a venomoid got loose in your subdivision or apartment you dont have to hide the children
Less need for antivenom and all service hospitals in areas with multi venomus snakes (Like Texas) who barely know what antivenom is and where to find it. (Makes hurping fun!)

Makes an animal loose its previous defence. Yes and No you deside.. (I personally would thing as a owner you would keep them from having to defend themselves) But I guess some people are not that responsible
The venom glans can grow back sometimes. Though I am not sure this is proven or just spectulation if anyone knows please post it here.
*&%^*&^ lowlife breeders making a quick dime selling a hot snake as a venomoid

I am sure there are a lot more pros and cons... I am not even a expert, these are just things I have read about and would like to hear what you think about it.

I hope I have made it as clear as possible
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