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Mite problems suck

Sorry to hear about your loss.
( before i start remember mites live in the eyes( rims around the eye) and mouth of your snakes )
I have a couple of solutions for you these work extremely well.
First and least expensive is palmolive soap you apply it undiluted to your snake head to tail (it wont hurt the eye,s)put your snake into a rubber maid container and let sit for a 1/2 hr or even an hr it wont hurt them.
Rinse completely and return to a rubbermaid .
Second....There,s a product on the market called
Nature Zone Benson & Son snake oil &reptile polish again you apply this directly to the animal covering it head to tail ( again it wont hurt the eyes) and you leave it on dont wash it off.
Its all natural
Contents are as follows
Saflower oil
Sweet almond oil
Avacado oil
jojoba oil
Wheat germ oil
Alovera oil
Neem oil
Tea tree oil
Now after you have treated your pets you must clean and disinfect your set up throw out anything wood ( drift wood ect)
Wash out aqauriums disinfect with bleach rinse and dry.
Clean all glass as well with good cleaner (eggs are not affected by insectacides ) and they stick to everything.( they can live in your carpet as well)
Once you have everything cleaned completley start reassembleing your set up.
Something to remember is when ever you get a new animal qaurentine it for at least a month in its own container in another room to prevent this from happening again.
Hope this helps you out.
Have a good one
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