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Hi, my name is Victoria, and I think GreggM is really hot so it's too damn bad I'm engaged!!

I live in a tiny apartment in Portland, the biggest city in Maine - which isn't saying a lot. I have a lot of herps (I think it's a lot, anyway) but horses are my first love. I used to live on and manage horse farms. I have also been a stripper, among my more unsavory career choices. Good money in that.

I'm 22, but I've been on my own since 15, so I feel older. I met my fiance online at a Star Wars/Zen/philosophical forum three years ago, while I was living in Minnesota, and moved in with him whithout ever meeting him in person.

I'm *exactly* half Cherokee and half Irish, fresh off the boat. I have never met my dad (the Cherokee side).

I'm Pagan, but *not* Wiccan. I have unpopular feelings about religion in the Pagan/Wiccan "community" and am extremely solitary as a result.

I have had my hair almost every different color. It was green, but is now blond because I had to bleach it before putting on the green dye. I think purple will be next. I have no piercings except my ears because I am a big baby about pain. I do have a tattoo of a very important religious symbol on the back of my right shoulder. I'll post a pic of it sometime soon. More tattoos are in the works.

I am a CNA, soon to be monitor tech also, at the largest hospital in Maine. I work with cardiac patients, and in all areas of intensive care, including the pediatric ICU. I have seen people from all walks of life, and of all ages, die both expected and unexpected death. My job has aged me.

At the end of this month I am moving three hours north, and Nick and I will fianlly have a house of our own. I bought a Pug puppy, named Lily, who will be coming home from the breeder on the 17th.

I ride horses, belly dance, run whenever I can, and devour all kinds of books. I'm currently learning to drive. I have no friends or family anywhere, and would be terribly lonely if not for my herps.

This post has gotten way too long, so I'll leave it at that.

- Victoria :w
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