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Well Kate is FORCING me to reply to this.(she has a gun to my back)

My name is Aaron and I'm an alcoholic...oops wrong day. I'm a Herpoholic.

I keep a few geckos only for now.I'm friends with Kate(Katev17) AND I'm dating Heather (Punkypornstar) So like I'm the coolest guy to get her.

I love music especially older 80's stuff and 70's such as GnR,Van Halen,Ozzy,Alice Cooper and new stuff as well The Vandals( haha Kate) Disturbed,Rob Zombie, Manson

I'm 18 and I have one more year in high school for co-op program.
I don't have any cool trip like Kate but thats ok cause I'm going to the zoo in a couple weeks:P

Religion doesn't play a big part of my life,I do goto church on holidays to please the grandparents and parents.

Anyways that's a little bit bout me oh and I'm so cool it hurts.

P.S. I breed Pet rocks,stones,pebbles and I'm currently working with some various colour morphs of sand. PM me if your interested in any of them:P
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