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Hey guys, My names Trevor. Im 14, Ill be 15 July 18th, Im a Sophmore in Highschool at North Canyon Concentration Camp in Phx AZ. I currently keep: 2 Leos, 2 BPs, A toad, And a Beardie. Ill have an IJ Carpet Python on my birthday. For fun, I play Counter Strike, Skateboard (Sometimes), Dirt BMX, and things like that. Fav band is Megadeth and fav song is 99 ways to die. I plan on going to ASU then the California Academy of Sciences and majoring in behavioral herpetology. Yeah, not much else to me..Im the idiot on the left.
1.1 Leo - 0.2 Ball Python - 0.1 Beardie - 0.0.1 Rocky Mount. Toad.

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