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Thumbs up Gotta Love Mommies! (Update on Chaos)

Well, mom and dad both discovered Chaos yesterday. Dad was laughing his @$$ off because he knew mom was going to be mad...

She was upset that I didn't think I could talk to her honestly about saving the snake and stuff and that I went behind her back about it. But she doesn't give a s*** about the actual snake lol

So anyways, today she wakes me up telling me that she doesn't like the inside decorations of the cage...soooo...she just spent 125$ on my new snakes house!

She bought a background for it because "It's not fair we got Montey one without getting Chaos one". She bought a new water bowl because she wanted her tuperware back, she bought me a good heat lamp stand, lamp and light bulb. More substrate. And then, she didn't like what I was keeping the fish in. So, she got the fish a little 1 gallon aquarium with everything like rocks, pump, etc. and just wow. I was so pampered.

And I think Chaos is going to like it.

In happy news, I got to see her hunt today and I'm not keeping the blanket over the aquarium anymore. Furthermore, she seems to be used to the cat now!

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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