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None of you have helped me all u do us gripe because im young.And you wonder why this board is going down hill!!!!!!!!
Excuse me?

NONE of what any of us had to say was because of your age!!!!
It had to do with your apparent lack of interest in hearing the cold, hard FACTS.

Yes we were being silly in the beginning, then when you came back later in the day, we offered post after post of FACTUAL information, which you chose to disregard.

If I'm not mistaken there are other "young" people on here, Emily Fisher comes to mind (forgive me Emily if you are not "young")
She is planning on getting a cham, and she herself figures it will take her about a YEAR to prepare for it's arrival.


Your age has ZERO to do with the way people are responding to you....and your attitude has EVERYTHING to do with it.
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