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I'm happy that you found another forum that is willing to explain EVERYTHING for you! I can't wait to see how long that will last!!! LOL

We were more than willing to help you but:
1) You don't seem to want to take the advice from members that have MANY years of experience and still want to do what pleases you instead of what's best for the animals.
2) Say money is not an option but then you don't want a cornsnake because it's 20$ more than a chameleon.
3) You ask for our opinions and then tell us to forget it when it doesn't suit you.
4) You want us to explain everything for you, different species, how to care for them, how to breed them, etc.

At this point, I'm fed up! Do the research and work YOURSELF!

I really don't care what you do anymore. Get yourself some retics, some african rocks, some burms, some monitors, iguanas, chameleons, heck, why not throw in some alligators and crocrodiles. Why not go for venomous snakes while you're at it!

And if you think it's still about your age, it ISN'T. It's about your LACK of maturity and common sense. There are other young members here like yourself that seem to have a lot more sense than you do.

Take the hint.

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