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Better be careful there Aaron_S and JeffT, if you're not you'll be accused of dashing a young mans dreams, and making him feel intimidated to ask ANY questions here at least that appears to be the feeling of some.

Personally, to me, it appears that this young man will keep asking the same questions over and over again, until he hears what he WANTS to hear.

I'm still sticking with my suggestion....crickets and/or roaches.

These were the original desired requirements:

<b>likes to be handled </b> *hissers don't seem to mind TOO much*
<b>GROWS BIG BUT NOT TO BIG</b> *hissers, for sure*
<b>very easy to breed</b> *yup...and yup*
<b>easy to care for</b> *doesn't get much LESS demanding than insects*
<b>nice looking </b>*beauty is in the eye of the beholder*
<b>commom </b>*as common as the day is long...crix at least*
<b>inexpensive</b> *1000 for what? $25.00?*
<b>also iw ould like something that would eat live food
any sugestions?</b> *My crickets LOVE to eat mealies and wax worms!* <b>They will be kept in rubber maids and i plan toraise many of them </b>*yup again....crix all the way!*

ANNNNNND the added bonus could sell the "extra" to other herp lovers for feeders!

....pretty much covers crickets and roaches...wouldn't you agree?
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