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BP13, many have made suggestions on what animals would be best to start with but you seem intent on picking the wrong species to start with! I'm glad you're still asking questions and taking some advice. Hopefully you'll get started on the right track.

You seem dead set on keeping the animals you will get in rubbermaids which is fine, but that pretty much rules out all lizards and leaves you with snakes. Almost all lizards require special UVB lighting and a basking spot which is almost impossible to manage in a rubbermaid. The only species you can do lizards in a rubbermaid is leopard geckos.

As for snakes, cornsnakes and BPs are a good to start with and easy to keep. Don't rule out cornsnakes altogether as they are a very popular pet snake and come in a lot of different colours. They are also very easy to breed and would be a great first breeding project in the future.

Others have mentionned rat snakes, there are rosy boas, hognoses and many more good species to start with.

Read up some care sheets on some of these species and choose for yourself which you would like to start with.

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