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Just a second here... I can understand how this thread wouldn't exactly ben aproved of, but I think you're blowing this wwaayy out of proportion. It's not as though BP13 came on and said "I'm thinking of getting a camilion, please tell me your experiences with them" in which case improper spelling could be understood. No. Every day BP13 has been coming up with some new scheme to open a reptile store, get a savannah, I've even seen him advising a new herper to get a RETICULATED PYTHON to keep in a 78" x 3' x 2' enclosure (aprx). If he thinks he's old enough to open a reptile store TOMORROW, but doesn't have any idea what kind of animal he wants or how to spell their names (not to mention the simple and frightfully obvious fact that chameleons CANT BE KEPT IN RUBBERMAIDS), then he's got to be prepared to take a little ribbing. Nothing in this post was directly insulting, the information given was obviously false and greatly exagerated. If he wants real information on a new species he's going to buy tomorrow, breed in a few months, a make a million dollars off of in his new reptile store, there's a thing called CARESHEETS. In 30 seconds I could find countless corn snake, ball python or chameleon caresheets. I could also spend 2 seconds on this forum and learn how to properly spell "chameleon".

Once again, while this misinformation and sarcasm was a little uncalled for, I don't think it's a huge crime against humanity.

Heck, he's been told god knows how many times that chameleons cant be kept in rubbermaids, and he's STILL asking about it!

BP13 - why don't you browse the forums for a while longer, when you see something you like research it and ask any questions you have, then get ONE or TWO, and move from there.
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