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It is illegal to bring any reptile or amphibian onto any of the Hawaiin islands. In the past any that were brought onto the islands have decimated the native populations and totally upset the ecosystem.

Here is a link that can shed some more info....

Here is an example of what you will find about the regs on Hawaii..
Hawaii has no native reptiles and amphibians, unless you count sea turtles and a sea snake. More than a dozen non-native lizard and frog species have become established on various islands, but no native ones exist. So, instead of listing species that you cannot harm or remove from the state, Hawaii lists hundreds of species that cannot be brought in.

For example, it is illegal to possess any snake in Hawaii. The only exception is that a zoo is permitted to have two of each nonvenomous species. But both must be males! No fun being a snake in Hawaii. The rule for Jackson's chamaeleons, an African lizard popular in the pet trade, is that they "may be possessed only on the islands of Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu." Also, it is illegal to transport your chamaeleon between islands.

Note it says may be possesed, for Chams, but you cannot bring them onto the island with you. Jackson Chams were first brought to the US on Hawaii. in fact most fo the jackson's in the US today are a result of the offspring of these animals.

And here is the listing of all of the prohibited animals...

So basically if you love herps and want to go to Hawaii, you're out of luck.
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