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okay...well...I don't know...but I'm getting the impression that there is NO way you've read any of these pages that have been suggested, if you're already on to the idea of breeding them.
It's time consuming and (can be) difficult to keep ONE cham...let alone 30 or so. It doesn't take long for them to NEED t be in thier own enclosure....they'll either kill each other, or die of stress if you don't separate them.
No one has mentioned that point yet either....Chameleons EASILY succumb to illness due to stress.
They become stressed out just seeing thier own reflection, or having other chams within sight...or even other SPECIES around. Or if there is too much foot traffic near there home....along with all of the general requirements that must be met.

Honestly....if you are looking for a relatively easy lizard to keep...go with a beardie...If I'm not mistaken someone has suggested that already.

I personally am not aware of any lizard that can live comfortably in a rubbermaid container.....if anyone knows otherwise....feel free to correct me.
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