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Here's a picture of my guy (I called him Gizmo, since my mum was so adament (sp?) on getting him a name... when I told her the name I chose she said "Too late, I've already named him Rocky.") courtesy of Trace! I'll be getting more pictures soon for you, Trace.

He eats like a pig, which rules, cuz he never lets me down when showing people how they eat ...

Good luck with your choice Ballpython, and make sure you do read that care sheet that was posted and the links that Matt gave! After reading those, you might want to ask a few more specified questions, it might make it easier for people to answer!! Also, check out the chameleon forum. There's TONS of questions & answers there, and you might get more responses after asking your questions there.

Everytime that I look at myself I can't believe how awesome I am.
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