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waaaaaaait a minute did this become about <b>ME</b>???? I didn't start any of this. Yes, I took part in it...but I wasn't in it ALONE. I guess when the going gets tough, people tend to get going...but just because I'm the only one "here" right now, doesn't make me solely responsible for it.

It was a JOKE. No one presented ANY of this as fact.
And not a single one you playing devils advocate can honestly say you haven't told the "priest, the rabbi, and the lawyer" jokes...or how about the "blonde" jokes, hmmmm? that not poking fun at people because of WHO or WHAT they are?
Yeah....that's what I thought.

I am speaking only for MYSELF....why is it YOU are speaking for BP13??? Most 13 year olds I know are QUITE capable of expressing THEMSELVES. Why don't you let BP13 do just that.
If they are upset by the events of the day...I'm sure he will let us know.

Spare me the moral indignation....k? thanks.
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