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Not a very good post KIDS. Entertaining but not very informative for the kid that started it. Trace, you are a moderator, act as such, having fun is fine, but you should act professional in your position. Posting for fun is fine, but a certain level is expected of you & it was not shown here. I too get sick of answering stupid basic questions that if someone bothered to look at all they would find all the answers themselves. If I choose to answer though I try to do so in a political correct manner or I don't bother & leave it up to someone that will. There is no shortage of sarcasm in the world, especially in these forums, I do it myself. When someone, especially a child shares his/her dreams & is treated in this fashion, I think they will go away disappointed & will possibly lose interest. I myself try to promote the hobby, not scare people away. Trying to educate them isn't easy, especially when they overlook the obvious, but they are kids. If you don;t want to deal with them properly, don't deal with them at all. I hope that all you folks aren't offended & continue to have fun posting, but I don't agree with the moderators posting as such on a post that was meant to get serious replies, no matter how ridiculess the questions may seem. Sorry TRACE Address the post properly & then have fun with it after you made an honest effort. If not leave it for someone else to do properly. Mark I.
P.S. I hope you don't take this personally TRACE (or anyone) as I can totally relate to your side also, but I thought this needed to be presented. I have caught myself doing the exact same thing, people drive me crazy too, so call me hypocrit if you like, LOL Mark
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